Partner with us

We would like local businesses and organisations to partner with us and to encourage their staff and customers to get involved. The money we raise together will make a real difference to our amazing local charities and the people who use their services.

Partner organisations will be promoted on this website.

Download our Campaign Toolkit which we hope provides you with all you need to promote the campaign to your employees and customers. If you require further information please email Helen Park at

Help promote the campaign


Whether you are running around your garden 150 times, baking 150 cup cakes, or doing 150 minutes of exercise in a week, we want your help fundraising for local charities. The money we raise together to support these wonderful charities will make a real difference to them all and the people who use their services.

Please help us to promote the campaign and inspire the people to take part by sharing pictures or videos of your challenge on social media using the official hashtag #Magpies150Challenge


Share your own personal challenge and progress using our social media templates.

sHARE YOUR involvement

Publish your activity and involvement with the challenge as a business.

bECOME A community HERO

Support charities that work within your local area and benefit those in need.


Get your friends and family involved with donations and challenges of their own!

How about your workplace? Print a poster and share the message.

Our Partners

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